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We hope you will consider membership in the Dorset Historical Society exness. Dues are held to a reasonable level to allow anyone with an interest to take part. Sharing in the activities, learning and supporting this society should be within every family's reach.

Can we meet operating expenses solely from dues income? No, we cannot. Your society is expanding its influence and offering new programs to benefit our community. Historical and genealogical research, preserving artifacts, increasing museum display space and upgrading technical support equipment (cameras, computer capability etc.) all cost money and we need help exness broker.

We urge you to consider a contribution along with your dues. This is our life's blood— without generous contributions, we will stagnate. And while we could raise dues, that would be counter-productive. We need members— and volunteers— and from those who can afford more, we need and solicit your additional financial support. Yes, we are a tax-exempt organization and your dues and needed contributions are tax deductible.

Join us! Learn about your town, your state exness sign up, your family roots. Share in our programs, join us in preserving our heritage. Learn about our marble quarries, our classic pottery, our growth as a town and look into the past— our history is priceless and it's worth preserving. And learn more about your society! Volunteers are very much needed and you will benefit from your involvement.

Your membership can be processed by printing and mailing the attached application with your check to the address given. We welcome you to the Dorset Historical Society. All visitors are welcome; programs are offered without charge and we truly hope to see you soon at your museum! Thank You!

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