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Located in the museum, the Society Gift Shop has the following items currently for sale: exness

Dorset: In the Shadow of the Marble Mountain, by Tyler Resch. Town history published for the Dorset Historical Society. 1989. 405 pages. Reprinted, Edited, Softcover.

Original Hardcover, autographed by the author. Limited Supply.



Bennington's Battle Monument: Massive and Lofty, by Tyler Resch. Beech Seal Press. 1993. 61pages. Paperbound. $10.45
Silk-screened Notes, Dorset design, 8 notes and envelopes per box. $5.00 exness register
Three Easy Walks to Quarries (pamphlet) $4.00
Dorset's Marble Mountain, Published by the Dorset Historical Society, 1971.
24 pages. Pamphlet.
Topographic map of Dorset. 200-foot contours. With roads and notations. 14" x 17". $.50
Walking/Driving Tour of Dorset. A tour of the town of Dorset featuring the historic points of interest. Photographs. Spiral bound $6.00
Quabbin to Dorset. The story of moving houses to Dorset from abandoned towns in central Massachusetts $19.00
Dorset and Environs, 1969. (map) $.50
Dorset in 1869 (map) $3.00
Harmon Mint Coins (commemorative issue) 2 for $5.00
Postcards, Dorset scenes $.50
Postcards, Bicentennial Banner $.35
Dorset Church gift cards (box of 12; 2 each design and envelopes) exness com $5.00
Etching (Reprint) Italian Marble Mills and Quarries, East Dorset, VT. (black & white). 1800s. 11" x 17". $2.00

Beers, Ellis & Soule (Bennington County Atlas) 1869.
Colored photocopy reprints (each 11" x 17")
1) Dorset Township, with notations of residences, businesses, school districts, etc. $3.00
2) Villages of East Dorset, North Dorset and South Dorset, showing residences and businesses. $3.00
3) Dorset Village, showing residences and businesses. $3.00
4) Bennington County. Scale 3 miles to 1 inch, showing natural and manmade features with township lines. $3.00

When ordering by mail, enclose check payable to the Dorset Historical Society.
For shipping and handling please add:
  • $3.00 for each Dorset History book
  • $1.00 for each of the other items, including folded maps.
  • $3.00 for up to 6 maps in mailing tube.

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