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On June 13, 1963, a group of Dorseters gathered to hold the Dorset Historical Society's organizing meeting and first program parimatch tz app download. The Society was incorporated in September of that year as a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.

The Society's mission is: "to preserve the past with the view towards enriching the present and future social and civic experience for Dorset's residents and visitors.

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Toward this end the Society will collect and maintain artifacts, manuscripts, photographs, books, art, archival and genealogical material relevant to the town of Dorset and its environs, from 1761 to the present."

Offices and board meeting rooms are located at the Society's museum - Bley House. The board is composed of 13 volunteer members, four of which serve as President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. Over the many years of DHS history, a remarkable number of the town's residents have served as board members or officers parimatch app tz download. Financial support for the Society's operations come from contributions, dues-paying memberships of approximately 200 individuals and families and income from a modest endowment.

1931 Model A in Dorset

Public programs are presented each year and while most have featured speakers, they have also included jeep trips and a variety of field trips. Some meetings have been conducted jointly with the Manchester Historical Society. The Annual Membership Meeting is held in October, at which time new board members and officers are elected. Two newsletters per year are mailed to all members.

In 1989 the Society published a scholarly and definitive history of the town - Dorset, In the Shadow of the Marble Mountain, by Tyler Resch, available from the gift shop or by mail order. In addition, various society members have conducted research on local historical topics, several of which have been published.

Dorset Quarry Norcross-West Marble Quarry, Our Country's Earliest Commercial Marble Quarry 1785 download parimatch app tz A number of volunteers have spent several years on a project to catalog all of the museum's holdings. This cataloged data is committed to a digital database, on a computer acquired by the Society through a competitive grant program.

The Dorset Historical Society is a member of the Vermont Historical Society and the Vermont Museum and Gallery Alliance.

Winner of awards by the League of Local Historical Societies
two years running (1998-1999)

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